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4/9/13: JT or TJ?

After a harsh weekend of spending it quiet and mostly alone, today made up for all that. By today I mean yesterday, because it is past midnight, which makes it 4/10/13. But to me it’s still 4/9/10 because I haven’t gone to sleep yet. I guess I’m happy and can’t stop smiling…

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

After an unusual conversation and ending the night a bad way, today (4/9) the big questioned was popped and the answer was… well let’s just say I’M TAKEN—YES!!! Of course. Tonight was the perfect moment and night for this to happen. It was simple and great. 

Today, I lost fear and paranoia from my past and am moving forward with my life—happy, and eager to start my future with the person who makes me smile, happy, and feel special. I actually have feelings that normally doesn’t happen so fast, yet at all. It’s amazing… I feel like the missing piece to my puzzle has finally been found and put in it’s place. 

Today, I taught a good dance class to my high school students; they actually picked up and learned my choreography quick. I’m excited for the showcase in May. 

Today, it was HOT as summer!!!! Weather was gorgeous, yet sticky and humid in a way. I started feeling dehydrated and drank gallons of water; haha.

Today, I was told there’s a possible chance to be considered/hired for a high school’s coach/choreographer for their Pom squad. It made me smile.

Today, I spent the night with that special someone. Had dinner, kissed under the moon and allowed all of our problems to just pass us. Tonight, was special .. I felt like a high school kid who thinks they know it all and feel it all when they see or spend time with their crush; tonight it was like a Twilight saga moment.

Today, tonight, I became taken and look forward to being happy with this person. I hope and pray it all works out, because I think there’s more than a possible chance it will… It feels so perfect :)

Today, tonight… we became OFFICIAL.


*phone vibrates* (buzz buzz buzz) —Incoming call—

At 5:37 AM, I receive an amazing phone call from the person I think about all day— to tell me, "I just want you to know that I miss you and have been thinking about you all day. I would love to have you in my arms and be cuddling in bed. I wish I could hold you while you sleep and give you kisses on your forehead. I am addicted to kissing you and would like to do that all night long and make you happy. I think about you a lot and want you to think about me while you sleep and have sweet dreams." 

I’ll receive a phone call like this anytime from that person who knows how to treat me and can put a HUGE S  M  I  L  E  on my face before going to bed :)

Thanks babe.

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